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I decided to delete all my posts prior to this one. I didn't reread them, I didn't try and convince myself not to. I just hit delete. Some things should be left to my memory, and my teenage angst and senseless ramblings happen to fall into the catagory.

Unfortunately due to the strange strange copyright laws in our home and native land, my playlists are unplayable! How sad is that, but fortunately my googleing skills have led me to several other music sharing sites. How awesome! I've always been a music junkie, but since picking up the guitar and dusting off my own vocals lately I'm even more into it. Even if my strings do smell terrible, I missed that feeling of the creeking wood underneath me. Yes creaking. I fell down the stairs with my guitar in high school and smashed the bottom of it, so now he creeks when I move. But he sounds better than ever. Let me just take a minute to gloat about my tuning skills. I played trumpet in Junior High, and since then I have been pretty good with the ol' pitch, last night I tuned him by ear and checked on my computer tuner. Guess who has 2 thumbs and got it spot on. This girl! Needless to say I'm impressed with myself.

Anyway, Welcome to the new and clean Freckle Fudge.

Lots of interweb love,

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