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I could really use some real food. I'm talking a turkey dinner with the fixings. Cafeteria food is just... no. It's just not right. Last night the cafe closed before I could get there. I was not impressed, I believe there was some foul language flung and a door slammed, It looked like it would be another peanut butter and saltines night. But, the roomies, in all their intelligence suggested pizza. So we ordered pizza and sat in out newly decorated common room and watched Easy A. It was a pretty awesome family gathering.

That's probably my favorite thing about being here. Always having people around. Always having roommates to talk to or a common room to find people. Although it wasn't like this at first. For the first few days I didn't leave my room. In fact I'd be lying if I said I didn't get a little nervous walking into the common room. But that might be more of shame from a certain drunken stumble fest, rather than real nervs.

Let me elaborate, this was our first weekend, otherwise known as frosh week. Well froshed is one way to put it. Friday night we went to a big party where everyone dressed in yellow and drank too much, the next night I expected everyone would be drinking too much again. Nope. A few people did, but they went out, I ended up being 5 shots and 2 drinks in, in a room of sober and somewhat judgmental people. It really wasn't cool. So needless to day I am still trying to get my confidence back before I get back in the game.

I'd be lying if I promised not to do it again this weekend. ;)

More to come... someday

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