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Day Four- On My Mind

Things I worry about...

Well there's always something on my mind. I tend to worry about everything to be honest. I always have. Lately I've been worrying just as much as usual.

-I'm worrying about school, and how I can motivate myself to get my work done to the best of my abilities.

-I'm worried about my new role as president of the Hockey Fan Club. I know I can do this but I worry that other people aren't quite as convinced. With that comes the worry of being around people I am a little intimidated by. I really shouldn't be intimidated by a bunch of goofy, sweaty boys, but logic has never stopped me from worrying.

-I'm worried about myself. I've been falling back into some old habits. Habits that don't do anyone any good. I've worked so hard to try and pull myself out, but as I said to my best friend today there is an allegorical black cloud that never seems to be too far away.

Those are just a few of many.


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