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Day Seven- The Cheer Up

Something that never fails to make you feel better. 

I have a number of these in my arsenal. I don't think I can say for certain that they never fail but they have a higher than average success rate. 

One of the most successful would be my dear AbbyDog. We've had Abby since I was seven, on October 5th she turned 13. So for the last 13 years Abby has been my best friend. She sleeps with me most nights, she has supervised many crying sessions and all night movie festivals, we have gone on a number of lengthy River Valley adventures, but best of all, she listens to me better than anyone else. I mean that in two ways, the first being that I can tell her anything and the second being that if I call her to "come" she is more likely to than when someone else does. And she let's me dress her up in costumes... yup, coolest dog ever. 

For those of you who don't know, I have a tattoo on me right foot, it's a wave. Although there are a ton of other meanings to it, the main one is my love for the water. My whole life water has been the ultimate cure, in both a dorky religious way and a completely serious healing power relaxing way. So 9/10 you'll find me in the shower or bathtub if I'm not having a good day. I could say some philosophical bit about the symbolism of rebirth, but really I just like swimming and water and it reminds me of the ocean, and the ocean is home to me. 

a quick list of other magic mood fixers: 
-Taylor Swift Dance Parties
-Knitting Nights
-and of course good old fashioned Champagne. 

With Great Affection

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