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Day Three- Irritating

5 things that irritate me about the opposite and same sex. 

Let's start with same-sex pet hates:

-It really gets under my skin how much girls judge each other. None of us our innocent in this, we have all seen someone who isn't dressed to our tastes and thought "What the hell is she wearing?"

-It seems that females will go to great lengths to get attention from males. Changing their voices, changing their clothes, it just doesn't seem right, but again we've all done it. 

-Petty bullying. Female bullying is in a whole league of its own, and it never seems to end. 

-When women don't feel the need to stand up for their rights and for equality. Some of us work very hard to raise awareness about these issues and females who allow men to treat them like objects are not helping!

-You are not better than me because you have a boyfriend. Just like I am not better than you because I am single 


-Some of the expectations seem very high. You want a girl who is fit, you want a girl who is smart, you want a girl who is one of the guys, but still has time to make you dinner? I don't think it works like that.

-Why are males so loud when they get together? You don't need to scream. 

-Chauvinism and misogyny. No, just no. 

-Just because you have a penis does NOT mean you are more knowledgable about sports than I am. It also does not mean you can undermine my opinions and comments.

-Ignoring me won't make me go away. Perhaps I am the only one who experiences this, who knows. But it seems like there is a certain time limit when talking to males and after that they stop listening. That isn't cool. Please don't make me repeat myself 10 times, if I am saying something it is because I want to talk to you or you should be aware of it.

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