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Day Ten- Are you surprised yet?

Things that would surprise people about me.

This is a hard one, I think it would really depend on the person and what their idea of me is. But here is a list of a few things that have shocked people.

1) I listen to rap. I don't really like the women hating stuff, but I make some exceptions. Mac Miller, Machine Gun Kelly, Lil Wayne, Nicki Minaj, Young Money, yup, all on my Ipod.

2) Until people get to talking to me they assume that I'm just an Oilers fan and only like hockey because I'm Canadian, yeah that's not true. I'm a born and bred Philly fan and I get the game, hockey is really the only thing about North America that I like.

3) I am very picky, and as a result I've never actually been in a relationship. Most people are surprised by this, I guess I come off as 'experienced"? Yeah, not at all, I just understand people.

4) I'm surprisingly religious. Reppin' the Virgin Mary I take my Catholicism very seriously (even though I refer to myself as a Cat-O-Holic most of the time) I may not go to mass as often as I used to, but I still rock the rosary. Most people are surprised by this because I'm a huge feminist and they think that religion and feminism doesn't mesh. I call bullshit.

5) I collect things. Mostly lunch boxes and action figures, and hockey memorabilia (blame Dad for this). And I don't just collect, I keep it in its original boxes and out of direct sunlight...

6) I'm a fashion junkie. I usually look like I rolled out of the lost and found, but I actually love fashion and make up. I don't wear make up often because a) I'm lazy and b) I have really sensitive skin. But mostly a.

7) The only thing straight about me is my teeth, and even they aren't perfect. I'm not saying I'm totally batting for another team, but I don't believe in sex based limitations. A person's 2 sex chromosomes aren't going to decide for me if they're datable or not.

Are you surprised?
I highly doubt it, I'm pretty open.


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