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Twenty-One Lessons as I reach my Twenty-First year.
 1) Always bring a sweater.
 2) There is no logical reason why your socks ought to match.
  3) If the song is good, listen it it on repeat.
 4) If you watch 9 seasons of a television show in three weeks you’re going to get a little obsessed.
 5) You’re probably judging yourself more than the people around you are.
 6) There is nothing a bath can’t fix (unless you’re a cat).
 7) If you fill your dairy/agenda out in advance you’re still going to forget everything, but at least you have something to do during class.
 8) Things are easier to handle if they’re in lists.
 9) There is no reason to read a book just because it’s a best seller. Especially if it includes things you can’t even say without getting all red faced.
 10) If you don’t read the last chapters of your favourite book, the magic never ends!
 11) When packing a suitcase, take out half of your clothes and trust that you’re going to shop…a lot. 12) If you’re going to dye your hair pink, people are going to stare, and they’re going to be jealous of your candy floss locks.
 13) When going on holiday, change your bedsheets prior to departure. It’s the best thing to come home to.
 14) Candles make studying easier.
 15) Studying makes school easier.
 16) Paying attention also makes school easier.
 17) Yes, tattoos do hurt.
18) Most dance crazes are not worth humiliating yourself over.
 19) Always bring a water bottle.
 20) There is no reason to shave your legs more than once a week, no reason at all.
 21) If you can’t dance, if you can’t dance. If you can’t dance, if you can’t dance, If you can’t dance to this you can’t do nothing for me baby.

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