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Once again we have come to the time of year when I can't tell if I'm a g'damn genius, or the worlds biggest moron. I haven't done anything particularly moronic or genius, I just never know which way my minds going to go. Part of the long list of exam side effects, right under overeating, undereating, oversleeping, undersleeping, and perpetual migraines. Y'know, when I signed on for this higher education business a few years ago I didn't think the powers that be (the registrar) would be sadistic. But thank the good lord this semester comes to a close this Friday (December 13th). I'm counting on that to be lucky. Apparently I only have twelve courses left in this degree, that is if I stay at the 'lovely' institution I currently call home. It'll be a miracle if I do. I'm the world's worst decision maker though and I keep going back and forth in my mind between staying here and going back home to UPEI. If I stay I'll get to continue living with my parents, one kilometer from my school, with constant dog love. If I move back east I'll get to live alone in our slightly haunted house, forty-five minutes outside of Charlottetown, in my favourite place in the world. I also won't have to do silly language requirements and I'll be able to access roast chicken chips and bottled raspberry cordial. Extra points for the ocean and family.

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